Lasio "Color Pro" Keratin Treatment

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LAS3010, LAS8062
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  • Product Description
    • UV protectant, color-treated keratin formula that protects and locks in color, restores health to damaged hair, and provides a natural shine
    • Great for fast-fading redheads, high lift blondes, creative colors, and highly recommended in color repigmentation cases to keep darker colors vibrant longer
    • Lightweight, fume free formula
    • Easy spray-on application that takes only 90 minutes
    • Thin, water based consistency allows hair to absorb 100% of formula for complete coverage
    • 100% frizz elimination for up to 4 months
    • Boosts vibrancy and manageability
    • Borage oil and hydrolyzed keratin deeply nourish, moisturize and hydrate hair strands
    • 0.02% formaldehyde


    Lasio does not conduct testing on or by pregnant women. It is highly recommend not performing the keratin treatment on kids 12 and under, pregnant, or nursing women.

    How to use:

    1. Shampoo clients hair 2-3x with Lasio Hypersilk Clarifying Shampoo. Rinse and rough dry 100% dry with blow dryer.
    2. Section hair into 3 quandrants. Spray-on treatment starting at the nape and comb through until hair is saturated. Rough dry hair 100% with hands or detangling brush
    3. Flat iron dry hair at 450ºF, taking 1" subsections and dragging iron at least 7 passes on each section until entire head is complete.
    4. You have the option to take the client back to the sink and wash hair using Hypersilk Shampoo & Conditioner OR client can choose to wait and wash hair next day (no pins, hats, sweating, ponytails, etc)
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