Style Craft Instinct X Clipper

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  • Product Description
    • Professional Vector Motor offers an unmatched 11,500 strokes per minute with unstoppable power, providing highly optimized bulk removal in one pass
    • Vector motor with Intuitive Torque Control detects resistance and adjusts torque in milliseconds, this dynamic torque response mows down bulk and thick hair effortlessly
    • Lithium-ion battery delivers up to 4 hours cordless run-time with a 2 hour recharge (results may vary based on use of Intuitive Torque Control which increases torque but uses battery life)
    • Assembled with Black Diamond Carbon DLC Fade fixed blade along with a black diamond shallow 2.0 cutting blade for superior blending, fading and bulk removal for smoothest and crunchiest cutting
    • Fully adjustable zero gap blade for the closest cut and finish
    • Red, Black, or White modular levers offer customizable click or floating taper performance options
    • 3 additional housing options for different body modifications with transparent showcase option
    • Super compact and lightweight with an ergonomic design for the ultimate comfort grip
    • Includes: 8 White Dub magnetic guards, #0 (1/16”) #1 (1/8’’) #1.5 (3/16’’) #2 (1/4‘’) #3 (3/8‘’) #4 (1/2‘’) #5 (5/8’’) #6 (3/4‘’), charging stand/cord, 3 levers, 3 interchangeable lids, instruction manual, showcase window, cleaning/maintenance kit, convenient mini screwdriver for blade regulation, and custom body modifications.
    • 1 year limited warranty

    Proper maintenance of your Instinct Clipper is essential. It is recommended to clean after every use by removing hair residues from the head of the clipper with the included brush, as well as lubricating the blade unit. Failure to clean and lubricate the clipper properly may void the warranty on your appliance.

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